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The Seamless Way to Showcase Your Properties

Myrtle Beach Real Estate and Drone Photography by Matthew Baugh is the best way to showcase your properties to potential buyers and clients. Covering real estate from Wilmington, NC to Charleston, SC, Matt’s commitment to excellence captures the spirit of the Grand Strand and all of its unique detail, and it’s done by the deployment of drones using large sensors, allowing your clients, renters and buyers the opportunity to experience the exteriors and interiors of your commercial and residential real estate, so they’ll understand the character of the properties’, the importance of their locations and why they’re the perfect fit for their future needs. It’s about making the right choice, reducing the risk and mitigating the stress, and Myrtle Beach Real Estate and Drone Photography by Matthew Baugh is the answer to those questions.

Matt’s commitment to excellence will enhance your clients, buyers and renters experience. Photography by Matthew Baugh has been recognized for their work by winning the ABC Carolina’s Design in Construction Excellence for Marriott Hotels, has been published in print and digitally internationally, and is a name you can trust to deliver all of your needs to get the best results from your properties. Look no further than Photography by Matthew Baugh for the absolute best Myrtle Beach Real Estate and Drone Photography.

It’s an opportunity to start your journey with a name that will help you achieve optimal results, and Matthew Baugh will help you arrive at your destination. Finding the right photographer to partner with can take the guesswork out of the equation, providing the perfect solution for all your needs, and Photography by Matthew Baugh goes the extra mile — all 60, that is, that make up the Grand Strand! So select a time slot on our calendar and provide your phone number, and make Myrtle Beach Real Estate and Drone Photography by Matthew Baugh the answer to all of your photography needs.

FAA licensed, Matt successfully provides high quality aerial photography and video for the Grand Strand Real Estate Photography market, for MLS listings and social media pages for agents and their companies.

For more information, visit his About Page and Online Portfolio. And please don’t hesitate to contact him at any time with any questions or specialized photography need.